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Fancy Box Brownies

Updated: May 22, 2020

Like my mom always says, if you prepared it in your kitchen - it's homemade.

One of my favorite things my mom taught me is how to make store bought food seem homemade. Whenever she bakes cookie dough, or anything from a box she adds her own flair like adding sugar on top of peanut butter cookies or even one single extra ingredient to the mix.

Grab a box of fudge brownies from the store, chocolate icing, and cooking oil.

I just discovered this “healthy” cooking oil, because you totally need healthy cooking oil in brownies HA HA!

Mazola cooking oil is cholesterol free and 100% pure

Cooking instructions:

Make the brownies how the box tells you - LOL

Grease the pan EXTRA good so they slide right out, and don't get stuck!

Slap on that icing after it cools or as long as you can wait to eat this delicious dessert!

Take these baby's to a party, and I guarantee people will think they were made from scratch!

Side note - These were incredibly hard to photograph. I thought if I cut them into squares and stacked them they would look delish, but turns out they look like a pile of you know what.

Ok, bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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Those look very homemade!

Heather come over and I’ll teach you my secret family recipe 😂


I still need to know your mom’s secret to chocolate chip cookies! 😂🍪🥛

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