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Hi, my name is Bailee, and welcome to my fake blog!

I am not a writer, just want to put that out there HAHA!  I am a stay at home mom to my three-year-old son, Foster.  I love Jesus number one, my family, and friends! My favorite things, in no particular order: Target, Starbucks, good food, fun earrings, visiting San Antonio, going to church, hearing my son laugh, and dating my husband!

My husband, John, and I have been married since September 2012, and we started dating when I was in college at The Art Institute in Dallas.  John is so multitalented it is wild, y’all! First of all, he can skateboard, and he’s thirty years old LOL.  Can you say, LOL on a blog?  He does website design, graphic design, SEO (knows how google works, okay), AND traps hogs. Hogs are considered varmints, and they perform humane live hog removal.  He is such a hard worker, and I love him for it.

We live in a small Texas town, and we can’t see our neighbors so, no, I don’t wear pants regularly.  I joke with my friends and family that I need 3-5 business days' notice to join them “in town” for lunch.

About my baby boy: He is not a baby anymore, but yes my, baby!! Where did we get his name, you might ask?  Foster is my mother’s maiden name, and we couldn’t love it any more!  He is always making us laugh with his dancing and daring tricks on the couch.  He loves trucks, trains, and tractors!  If you have a boy or toddler in general, I can’t wait to share toys and clothes that we just love!

What’s the point:  I have a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Retail management.  I have always wanted to have a career in fashion, but honestly, nothing has worked or given me a passion so, I thought, why not share all my favorite things and just have girl talk with this community I have created.  I also want to hear all of YOUR favorite things, so let's talk about FOOD, FASHION, HOME DECOR, AND KIDS!


Wanna be Blogger, Mom, and Wife

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