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Melt in Your Mouth Chocolate Chip Bars

Easy, delicious dessert!

I saw this on Facebook with minimal directions so I thought I would try it out. Plus I have more ideas!

What you need:

-1 box of yellow cake mix (butter recipe)

-2 eggs

-half a cup of melted butter (or 1 stick)

-12 oz bag of milk chocolate chips

-Vegetable oil


-Disregard box directions

-Preheat oven to 350

-Mix together cake mix, melted butter, 2 eggs

-Add in bag of choc chips (I did less than a bag, that's just my preference) YOU DO YOU

-Grease pan really well with vegetable oil

-Spread mixture in your pan (Texture should be like cookie dough)

-Cook in oven in for 20 minutes

I can't wait to do this with other cake mixes. I'm thinking red velvet or strawberry with white chocolate chips. The ideas are endless!!

The bars come out super soft and buttery!


The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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