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Unique Family Halloween Costumes

These costumes have been a hit every year and they are so simple! If you can't tell, my favorite things are EASY.

I wanted to come up with something my husband would participate in, and not too over the top for us.

First, I pick out what my son will be, and then I get t-shirts made with words that correspond with his costume. Super fun and unique! This is even great for larger families when maybe an older sibling doesn't want to go all out. Just add extra words.

First Halloween - My son was 10 months old, and I made him a blue bird costume. I purchased a blue zip up jacket and glued on feathers. ADORABLE!

Our t-shirts said, “Mama Bird” and “Papa Bird.”

Second Halloween - He was a pizza chef and we went as "pizza delivery boys." We even went to a Halloween party and brought pizza. So fun!

Third Halloween - My son is obsessed with trains so he went as a train conductor and we were the “Caboose” and “Engine.” When they get a little older and want to start picking out their own "meh" costume, this simple idea makes it one of a kind.

I would love to hear about your unique Halloween costume ideas!

Ok, bye!

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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