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Girls First Birthday Party

Excited to share my baby girl’s first birthday!

I tend to come up with things in my brain that don’t exist so let me know if you get this first birthday theme!

Finlee World!!

It’s seriously Finlee’s world over here. We’re just livin’ in it.

Her custom sweatshirt is from Zara

I combined some of her favorite things with Disney World and got this!!

She loves kitties, pizza, and bright colors. Turns out she likes churros more than cake. She’s my kinda girl.

We did cat ears instead of mouse ears.

More details

Party Activity: Since this was a one-year-old's party, and we have several "big kid" friends I got cookie kits for the kids to decorate.

Custom cupcake toppers: These are my favorite thing ever! I made them a couple of years ago with my son's face. It's also fun for family to take them home. Take one of your favorite photos and duplicate it in a picture app on your phone (I used PicCollage). There should be 4 of the same photos (or you could use different photos if you want) in a grid. I used the Walgreens app and went and picked them up. Then I found a round object to trace around her face and cut them out by hand. Finally, tapped a toothpick on the back.

Party tips: I know this is so frowned upon, but unless you have someone reliable, get your cake/cupcakes from Albertson's or another similar grocery store. They are so cheap and GOOD! I used other local businesses elsewhere. The churros were from a local Mexican food place in our town, the Finlee World banner I found on a local mom to make, and the cookie kits were from a local bakery.

I took all the photos with my iPhone and used my presets to edit them.


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