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My Baby Girl's Christmas Decor

One of the first things I got excited about when I found out we were having a girl was decorating her room for Christmas. Something about a magical pink Christmas.

I went with pink vintage flair. Now that she's crawling all over the place she is loving her brother's cars so the pink cars were the perfect touch.

This pink tree is so good! It was hard to capture the actual color, but trust me when I say it will make you very happy!

More details

The pink vintage car and Christmas house pillow are both from Hobby Lobby. I did change out the tree on the car. It's always fun to put your own touch on Christmas decorations. The Nativity scene is from Target. The Santa glitter cigar box and pink tree on a stand/candlestick are from a local Ft. Worth Shop called Mayfair on the Boulevard. Almost everything else is linked below.

Spot the tiny Christmas trees on the bookshelves

I hope you enjoyed my baby girl's room. Here's my son's room last year and we pretty much did the same thing this year.


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