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Construction Birthday Party

We had the best construction party, or as my son called it a “workin’ guy” party!

I can’t believe my little baby is four!

I ordered some things off Amazon + used a lot of my dad’s real tools. I'm going to go through a few of the DIY's below.

Shop his outfit here

My dad put a piece of raw plywood on top of saw horses for the table. It's about $30 a sheet from Home Depot. We loaded drinks and ice to his wheelbarrow.

My mom was totally the first creator of the construction theme party, WAY before Pinterest. She did this for my brother about 15 years ago or more! She put chips and snacks in dump trucks. I wish I had some pictures to share.

Semi DIY cake

I ordered a layered cookie cake covered in white icing from Albertson's (their cakes are delish), and my husband had fun helping me decorate it in "dirt."

I blended up Oreo's for the dirt, and stuck these mini tractors on top. It was easy, cheap, and so cool!

Party Activity

The actual hit of the whole party was these sand tubs! My son played with them for about an hour before anyone got there and until about 8 pm that night! Boys and girls both LOVED it!

I was originally going to get a $10 plastic pool from Walmart and paint it, but I could not find one as it got colder outside. This ended up being a WAY better idea! There was enough room for all the kids to have their own little area in the tubs plus way less messy! They probably would have sat inside the pool.


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