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MLM Self-Tanner Review

I compared two sunless tanners from popular MLM companies.

Rodan + Fields vs Nuskin

Both high quality, both brands I like and use.

R+F Sunless Tanner

Smell - Great, does not have a yucky tanner smell.

Process Time - Not great, It took 4 hours to start developing

Dry Time - Quick

Application - Foam and goes on clear. I could not really tell where I was applying, and It ended up being splotchy and not very dark.

Would I use this product again? No

Nuskin Sunless Tanner

Smell - Slight tanner smell not overpowering

Process Time - Immediate to 30 min to start developing

Dry Time - 20-30 minutes before you should put on clothes or get in the bed

Application - Gel and has color so you can see where you are applying, and where you need to smooth it out.

Would I use this product again? Yes

See photos and more on why I love it here

Purchase Nuskin Self-Tanner here

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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