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My Top 3 Hair Products

I never waver from these three hair products

First of all, it smells really good.

Second, It’s SO important to protect your hair from heat! You spray this on your wet hair before you start blow-drying it.

Third, it makes it easier to brush through your wet hair.

2. Kenra Hot Spray (heat protectant)

Again, this is to protect your hair from heat when your hair is dry if you are going to straighten or curl your hair. What I love about the "hot spray" in particular is that it doubles as a hair spray! I will spray this before I use a heated tool, and then as a finishing spray.

I have had this wand for five years! I tried L’Ange and I wasn’t a fan. My hair is long and thick and this holds my curl all day.

If I'm going for more of a curl than a wave I use the Babyliss Pro Nano 1"

Every one of these products are SO worth the money!

Ok, bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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