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Men's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Why are men so hard to buy for? They usually just buy whatever it is they are wanting/needing at the time.

My husband helped me make a great Christmas guide, but when I asked him about Valentine's Day he said, "um chocolate." And something else we won't mention. I think it can be simpler than you think for V-Day. I usually do one "main" gift, usually not too expensive plus candy or treats.

What I am getting my man

He usually doesn't mention much, but he just told me he was wanting a thin whiskey glass so I think I will grab these and a bottle of TX and put it in a basket with candy.

Image from the TX Instagram

Ideas he ended up sharing

If you have an outdoors man in your life he said these are the best waterproof boots ever!! You can walk through cactus and mud slides right off. They have great reviews as well.

"You can never have too many knives" - My husband

He has a truck organizer similar to this and really loves it.

Garmin GPS and heart rate watch

Universal socket - Apparently this is really cool HAHA! They have a chocolate tool set at Target you pair with it. How cute!?

On the expensive side, but if you have a tech guy that likes to make videos - check this out.

Texas people who love Whataburger - They have some pretty cool looking hats. It would be super easy to grab a hat and a gift card or even his favorite meal if you aren't going out! Keep it simple and fun!

You could also order these Whataburger sauce sets.

Grilling Guy

We got one of these Flip Forks for several men for Christmas and it's inexpensive and pretty awesome!

5 utensils in one! Pair it with some BBQ sauce, seasonings, and candy!

Good luck, ladies!

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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