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How I edit my photos

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

I’m not kidding you when I get the most questions about how I edit my photos.

The top questions I get asked are:

1. What type of camera are you using?

2. What editor do you use on your photos?

I mostly take photos of my kids, food, and my home decor. Taking photos of my kids is truly one of my passions. My family gets a little aggravated with me at times because we have to stop and take pictures. It is really, just what makes me happy.

I know most of you can agree, that you are constantly taking photos of your kids. What if I told you I have the easiest way you can capture photographer level photos of your kids? Keep reading.

This edit will be in my Fall 2021 preset pack


What is a preset?

A preset is a setting that automatically creates gorgeous photos with one click. Kind of like a filter, but this is created to enhance picture quality rather than covering or changing appearance.

How do presets work?

You download a free app, make a separate one time preset purchase, and use the "edit" over and over again on your photos.

Who can use a preset?

Anyone! It is so easy, even a non-techy can figure it out. Moms, business owners, bloggers/influencers, and just people who want their photos to look great without having to pay a photographer every time.

Did you know most bloggers/influencers paid a professional photographer to create them a preset to use on all of their photos? Presets can make your feed look cohesive, and your products stand out. If you have a small business it is totally worth the tiny investment.

Back to my most asked questions.

What type of camera are you using?

I use my iPhone XS Max

What editor do you use on your photos?

I downloaded the Lightroom Mobile app for free and created my own presets that I’m ready to share with you all!

I’ve done a lot of thinking and planning with my husband who is a professional web designer. I’ve done several things in the past that I made or created myself and they were always successful. I ended up getting burnt out or didn't have the time. I know my passion is my kids, taking their pics, and being creative with photography even if it is on my phone. We are praying this is a huge success as I have so many more creative ideas that will go hand in hand with this concept.

Check back soon, and join our email list so you can get your hands on my personal presets.

*Edit* Presets are now available here.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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