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First Birthday Shoot

As you may already know, one of my greatest joys in life is taking my own children's pictures. I love coming up with shoot ideas or taking their picture at home. That's why I created my own presets (one-click photo edits) so I can make every photo look professional.

That leads me to actual professional photography. You gotta love it. You, Mama may even get the chance to be captured in a beautiful way with your children. When typically, you are the one behind the camera taking all the photos of all the things, and you're nowhere to be found.

If you are located in the DFW area, I have found your girl. I say DFW because she traveled to faraway lands with me to get these photos. I had an idea and she ran with it! She trusted me and I trusted her. Samantha Cooper is actually a photographer located in Aledo, Texas. She services your photography needs in Fort Worth, Weatherford, Aledo, and surrounding areas. Her prices are reasonable and worth the time and energy she puts in to drive, shoot, and edit.

I had originally wanted this huge rainbow mural I found at a shop in Dallas for my rainbow baby girl, but the place I had in mind ended up being under construction on the day of our shoot. Their sister store just so happened to have a miniature version of the rainbow that turned out perfect for us!

And what's a birthday shoot without a hat.

Photoshoot tips with kids - I always try and think of something my kids like or can interact with. Holding cookies, ornaments, or flowers will make them distracted in a good way. Otherwise, you are going to have crying kids who don't want to smile at a camera.

Photographer - Samantha Cooper Photography - If you decide to book, please let her know I sent you. You will be so happy!

Finlee's shoes and top are from Zara - the rest is linked below.

Birthday Hat - Mayfair on the Boulevard | Fort Worth, TX

Location - Heirloom Hall | Frisco, TX


The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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