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DIY Green Eggs and Ham

So, my three year old son thought the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss was soo funny and he NEEDED green eggs!

He’s also on a “I wanna help you” kick so I try let him help cook when I can. The ham did not go so well, but we nailed the eggs!

What you need:

-Green Eggs and Ham the book

-Eggs of choice

-Ham (we just used sliced deli ham)

-Basting brush (not completely necessary)

-Paper plate/paper towels - the food coloring kinda got everywhere so it’s best to have something to protect your counter top

Green Eggs

The eggs are pretty self explanatory - cook your eggs like normal, and add two drops of green food coloring as you’re cooking.

Green Ham

This was a little tricky because the food coloring just absorbed into the meat so it turned out a little splotchy. We used a basting brush to try and spread it. Next time I might add the food coloring to water, butter, or mayo and try and paint it on.

End Result

SO MUCH FUN! I read him the book again while he ate, and I just think it's so cute how funny he thinks this book is!

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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