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Christmas Activities in the DFW Area

We have done 3 really fun Christmas activities this year. I also have a bonus that looks super cute! Here are all my pros and cons.

Radiance Christmas Light Show

This year’s locations are Frisco, Decatur, and Weatherford, TX. We went to Radiance at the Ranch in Weatherford. This is located at the Parker County Posse Grounds.

There are two options - General Admission is $30 and VIP is $50. My mom talked me into getting the VIP which was not worth it in my opinion. Although, I would totally do general admission again. With the VIP you get hot chocolate and kids magic light glasses. It also made it sound like you get your own lane to enter before general admission. This was not really the case. There are different lanes to get your hot chocolate, but its first come first serve as far as entry goes. You really can’t drink your hot chocolate either because it was very bumpy. Absolutely not worth the extra $20.

All in all, I would do it again next year with the general admission tickets. This attraction goes through January. Get tickets here

North Pole Express in Grapevine, TX

My almost 4 year old is obsessed with trains so we thought this would be so fun!

There is not much to do other than the train ride, so no need to get there early like we did! They had a “selfie room” set up with Christmas trees and that’s about it. Coach is $34 per person and First Class is $38. Definitely go with the First Class. The cars are temperature controlled in First Class and there was not as many people in our car. We had plenty of room. There were two elves that sang and interacted pretty much the whole ride. My son would have rather just looked out the window and enjoyed the ride, but it was cute and he had so much fun! Santa visits everyone on the train, but with your First Class ticket you get to go see Santa again and get a picture in his lap.

The train ride is a straight shot down and back. It lasted about an hour. When you get back to the train station you get a hot chocolate cup and cookie to take home. You then walk through the snowy tree forest which is fake snow and was so fun!

These tickets sell out fast so grab you some if you can here. Wear your pajamas!

Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX

This was awesome! I couldn’t get that many great photos because it was pretty sunny out, but just know we had fun!

I snagged some tickets on Facebook for pretty cheap, but otherwise they are $17.95 online or $20.95 at the gate. The best part is you pay the one time entry fee and don’t have to buy tickets for rides. There were a couple of activities that required tickets or cash like pony rides and food for the petting zoo, but that’s it!

They have a live Christmas tree farm, which was legit! They were cutting them and wrapping them up to take in your car and they were selling like hot cakes. The prices were so good on regular and flocked trees.

There was so much to do that you didn’t have to stand in line and wait for hardly anything.


Petting zoo

Carnival rides

Hay ride


Small roller coasters


Christmas tree farm

Gift shop

Santa - I did not go and check Santa out. I read a sign that said no personal camera’s so I’m assuming you have to pay. I wanted my own photos so we avoided the area.

I believe there is one weekend left for all the activities, but you can go during the week to buy a tree.

The only downside was almost every ride you have to be 42 inches. My 4 year old was about an inch short with his boots on, but every ride but one made the exception. My husband had to ride on a few with him, but there are several that were for smaller kids and up that kids had to ride alone - no adults. It all worked out great for us, but some smaller kids might not get to ride a few things.

Breakfast with Santa - Lipan, TX

This will be on Sunday December 12, 2020 and I just know it will be adorable. I have shared with you all about Bent Bucket Bakery. It is the cutest and yummiest place for breakfast, lunch, and bakery treats. Your kids will get to decorate their own Christmas tree pancakes and take a picture with Santa. They are encouraging you to wear PJ's!

Ok. bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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