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Billie Razor Review

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Is Flamingo or Billie better?

I’m here to tell you, Flamingo razors do not compare to how great Billie razors are. Like, not even close!

Flamingo razors go on my “worst buys of my life list!” Ha Ha! No, really they were terrible! Very large head, and left me with razor burn.

Thanks to my followers, there was an overwhelming response to give Billie a try.

What I got in my package

First, of all the packaging is super cute!

-Razor with head -One extra head -Razor mount for the shower -Body wash sample (you can also shave with this) -“Wonder Wipes” face wipe sample I would like to try their actual shaving cream next time. Y’ALL! I’m never looking back! My husband said, “woah!” My hair is very thick. I have never had a closer shave, and felt this smooth! I used the body wash sample to shave with and it was great!

The subscription I signed up for:

4 heads every 3 months You can do every 1, 2, or 3 months depending on how much you shave. The initial kit was only $9 and free shipping. Your subscription will be the same cost. Use my link to get you one, girl!! You will thank me later, I promise! Buy razor here

Buy Shaving Cream here P.S. I love how you can easily go to your account and cancel your subscription. Nothing I hate more than having to dig and call to cancel something. Ok, bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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