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Cupshe Review

Are Cupshe swimsuits good quality?

I'm here to tell ya I keep buying them! Cupshe swimsuits are legit.

I had a few issues at the beginning finding my size, but I think I finally got it figured out. I am short with a large chest! It's very hard to find one piece swimsuits that fit my body type. My post baby body does not allow for a bikini! So I would say true to size or one size up depending on the suit. All the one pieces I bought have adjustable straps.

Cupshe Customer Service

I have purchased directly from their website and from Amazon. It does take about 2 weeks to receive, but they have had excellent customer service! The first couple of swimsuits I bought were not the right size, and they offered my money back plus I didn't have to send the swimsuit back.

When I purchased through amazon (make sure the vendor says Cupshe) it was outside of their promised shipping window and they gave me 50% back and still shipped the suit!

The quality is great for the price! I will continue to purchase from Cupshe.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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