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2021 Fall Fashion Trends

Now Trending: Business Casual

There are a few main things I’m seeing this year. Of course plaid, fall colors, and chunky sweaters are always in style, but here are a few fall trends that are happening this year.

Business Casual

Blazers are everywhere! I’m seeing oversized colorful, plaid, neutral, and sets! Sets would be a blazer with matching shorts or mini skirt. I would personally wear an oversized blazer in any color with some "mom jeans" and a heel this year.


Every shade! Moss, kelly green, and olive.

Green seems to be huge, but also jewel tones for fall like teal, blue, and fuchsia.

Silky Satin

We saw so much velvet last year (still great for fall/winter as a classic, in my opinion) It’s going to be satin this year. I mentioned blazers above. Lots of silky bright blazers. Also, silky button downs, dresses, and tops.

My overall thoughts on 2021 Fall Fashion - Business Casual! By this I mean, dressier tops paired with a more casual bottom. Mom jeans with or without distress or a looser fitting denim.

Another major trend this fall will be "fashion cowgirl" which I would love to get into in a separate post. Hats and tall boots that are more on the trendy/fashion side rather than your expensive true western wear.

I’ve added some options to look through below. Let me know your thoughts!


Ok, bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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