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My Favorite Places to Shop Home Decor

Updated: May 22, 2020

Most people love Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. I like both, but I just never find myself going to either.

Almost everything in my home is from the same three places.

If you know me, my number one go to for everything is TARGET! So of course, A LOT of my decor is from Target.

I mostly get baskets, picture frames, pillows, and seasonal decor from Target.

My next go to is Anthropologie

It is more on the expensive side, but if you’ve never been its literally an experience! Just walk around and look at all the tiny details the “visual team” puts together. Yes, I know the correct term because I used to work there! My favorite home items to grab here are flower pots, candles, and anything for the kitchen!

Antique Stores

Almost everything else in my house is thrifted. If you are from the Weatherford area my favorite place to go is Miss B’s on North Main. There are a lot of other cute places in the same area. Whenever I go on road trips or vacation I always make it a point to stop at least once at an antique store or one of those junk places on the side of the road. My husband just loves this about me (sarcasm).

Ok, bye.

The Bailee Ann - Texas Blogger

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